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Though I'd like to go more frequently, taking time out for a massage appt is something I look forward to as time set aside for myself to relax and unwind. Massage benefits include soothing away tense spots and helping to rejuvinate tired muscles (cycling in my case). Thank you for always being professional and open to feedback. - Joan & Karl

After my massage therapist moved from Colorado Springs, I was heartbroken thinking I would never find someone else as good.  As luck would have it, a friend gave me a gift certificate for Shelly's Center for Therapeutic Massage.  Bingo! Happily, I found the perfect replacement!  I have now been seeing Shelly for massages every six weeks for 7 years.  I've recommended her to other friends who can't live without her massages either.  Shelly gives the BEST deep massages.   I look forward to being at the massage and the way my body feels afterward.  - Carolyn


I have had massages for many, many years – I have been a client of Shelly’s for about 5 years. Shelly can highly recommended from a friend who has been seeing her for more than 10 years. Visits with Shelly have become a part of the routine I use to maintain a healthy life-style.

Massage has always been relaxing for me, whether Swedish or hot Stones it was a special treat….a spa treatment. But meeting Shelly and having her “work” on me has taken massage to a whole new level. I am hooked! The Deep Tissue Massage Therapy that Shelly uses on my neck and back is truly healing. Her knowledge and care of the entire body is outstanding and impressive. She repairs my body after a workout or a long session at the computer. I see Shelly at least once a month and more often as needed.

I trust Shelly’s professional expertise. Her massage sessions are relaxing and restorative… a mental and physical necessity. The best massage therapy I’ve ever had.  - Diane

Shelly's theraputic massage is nothing short of miraculous.  She targets specific areas that are of concern while leaving you relaxed, refreshed and in a positive state of well being.  I have seen Shelly for massage therapy 2x a month for over 10 years.  I recommend her healing hands to friends and family without any reservation.  Be healthy and happy   Sam

I have been seeing Shelly for the past 10 years. After a serious Auto Accident, I was not able to raise my right arm due to a rotor cuff injury. I had seen a chiroprator, accupuncture, and a Dr. suggesting surgery. I was fortunate to have found Shelly. With her theraputic treatments, I am pleased to say I regained use of my shoulder without surgery. I feel so comfortable with her ability to work on my low back and areas that need attention. Shelly is very friendly, knowledgable and is a wonderful addition to my health. I highly recommend that you try her services, she is marvelous. Margaret


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Shelly's Center of Therapeutic Massage
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